About Us

The National Company for Tourism Development (NTD) was established in 1999 with a capital of JD 2 million, and with the aim of operating and managing all touristic properties owned by the Social Security Corporation (SSC). In the year 2000, a supervision agreement between SSC authorized NTD to manage the operating properties and those under construction. The company became fully owned by the Social Security Corporation in July 2002.

Objectives of the NTD

  • Operate, own and develop any touristic or entertainment projects.

  •  Develop or Contribute in any touristic investment project.

  •  Participate in any travel agencies or touristic transportation companies that any assist in a chairing the companies objectives.

  •  Control the management contracts signed with operators / investors of SSC properties.

  •  Import furniture, machines, tools or equipments needed to achieve company objective.

  •  Develop Agreements with local & international management companies to operate any of the company projects.

  •  To have branches & agencies in/out of the Kingdom to achieve the company objections.

  •  To sign agreement with any governmental authority, association or individuals to achieve company objectives


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