Contracts and Legal Affairs Department

 Established under the Board decision No 41/2010 dated  on 12/5/2010, the department holds the tasks of providing legal advice and  review the effects and implications of the legal decisions taken in the company,  as well as organize and legalized investment contracts, supervised and developed to increase the returns of the company investments,  in addition  the department  holds  the responsibility of all aspect  from  modify, review, and raise the  rent contracts  according to the market studies prepared for this purpose.

Department of contracts and legal affairs also responsible for the preparation and supervision of all agreements being granted by the company with the clients.  The department   review draft contracts and agreements concluded between the company and other parties, and submission of proposals that would develop and integrate  the company's  business environment. The department make coordinates in efficient and continuous follow up to all  prosecutions among the company team and  company external consultants, On 8th April 2014 The Board approved the restructuring of the company, where assigned to the department two sections, one section for legal contracts, and the other for legal advisory and studies.

The department (managed) (run) by highly professional  team  capable  to give advice to the Head office to achieve and reach the right decisions In the general affairs, and developing the strategic plan of the company, also  participating in making investment decisions from standpoint of effective legal support.